Custom Lanyards

Recycled Bio Lanyards
Bamboo Lanyards
£1.75 £2.10 Inc. VAT
Coloured Dye Silk Printed Lanyards
Coloured Dye Silk Printed Lanyards
£2.07 £2.48 Inc. VAT
Recycled Lanyards
Coloured Printed PET Silk Lanyards
£2.09 £2.51 Inc. VAT
Nylon Smooth Lanyards - Screen Printed-0
Nylon Screen Printed Lanyards
£2.34 £2.81 Inc. VAT
Premium Woven Lanyards-0
Premium Woven Lanyards
£3.08 £3.70 Inc. VAT

Bespoke Lanyard Printing – Order Online Today

Our team of experts are on hand, so if you need any help creating your fantastic custom lanyards design, just give us a call on 029 2080 8702.Buy your custom printed lanyards online from just 45p each inc. FREE UK Delivery. We provide a quality lanyard printing service for all personalised lanyards. The prices you see here are the prices you pay. There are no surprise hidden extras!We will print your lanyards in any colour and with any design so you can be sure that they match your brand or corporate guidelines.ID Cards & Accessories are based in the UK and are experts in custom lanyards. We are also suppliers of ID badge holders and photo ID cards so we understand the importance of security and brand identity. We have a wealth of knowledge and we offer neck lanyards for sale online with a choice of clips and attachments. These lanyards are normally worn around the neck and can vary in style, design and material but they are often bought alongside an ID badge or our staff ID cards which attach easily to the end.

Lanyard printing is a simple process

Free artwork & design – personalised lanyards Lanyard Safety Break Lanyard Strong Metal Clip Colour Origination & Proofs IncludedAs you can see we offer a range of lanyards for you to order, but do you know which one best for you?The following information will explain the different types of lanyards available to suit your individual needs and the different methods of printing so that you can make an informed decision. If you are still unsure then please give us a call on 029 2070 8702 or email you choose the type of lanyard fabric you may want to have a think about how your logo/branding will appear once it has been custom printed on to the lanyard. Is your logo or image quite simple with just one or two colours, or does it have lots of colours and fine detail?There are typically 3 different processes involved in lanyard printing:
  • Screen Printing
  • Dye Sublimation Printing
  • Woven / Embroidered

Screen Printingis the most traditional method of transferring a design on to a lanyard. This process is known for its durability, resistance and produces a high quality finished product with accurate colour representation. Manufacturing involves heating your logo on to a silk screen and then forcing ink through the tiny holes in the screen with a squeegee on to the lanyard fabric. Tell us the individual ink colours to print, then your logo and/or text is printed onto the lanyard surface. We will also dye the lanyard material any colour so that your branding really stands out and colours match your corporate identity.
Dye Sublimation Printing(also referred to as heat transfer) is an alternative to screen printing and ideal for over 2 colours or a complex design. The lanyard is silky smooth to feel making it ideal for the dye sublimation process as it uses digital printing technology to dye full colour images in to the lanyard fabric. The result is a glorious full colour image on both sides of the lanyard. Because it uses technology to print, the quality is photographic so it is ideal for full colour branding, tinted or detailed images.
Wovenbranding means that two colours of thread are woven together to create your text or logo that shows in reverse on the other side of the lanyard. Woven or embroidered lanyards are the most durable and are incredibly robust with a high quality finish.
Whichever branding method you choose you can be sure that your logo and details will look stunning and we will gladly help you make a decision if you are not sure.Just give us a call on 029 2070 8702 or email – our team are on hand to answer any questions.

What lanyard fabric do I need?

Now that you have an idea of how your branding will be printed, its now time to make a decision about what lanyard fabric will work best. Each of our lanyards is slightly different to suit your individual requirements, but here are the main factors to consider for each type of lanyard that we offer…

Screen Printing Process

Polyester lanyards
Our most popular staff ID lanyard, smart looking, hard wearing and slightly ribbed but smooth so very comfortable to wear around the neck.
Nylon lanyards
Similar to polyester, the main difference is the feel, nylon is smoother and shinier creating a better printing surface if your design is a little more intricate, it is also less prone to creasing.
Satin Applique lanyards
Polyester lanyard base with a top stitched layer of smooth screen printed satin fabric, this is a good surface to print onto if your design is more detailed and because it is stitched on to a lanyard, the durability and resistance is increased. A premium great looking lanyard to impress.
Bamboo lanyards
Made from a sustainably-sourced bamboo that is bio-degradable which means it can be recycled. This type of lanyard is perfect if you have an eco-friendly message to convey.

Dye Sublimation Printing Process

Dye Sublimation lanyards
This is our top selling lanyard for events and festivals. Silky and smooth, perfect if you want to print a photo quality image lots of detail and colours on to your lanyard. A fast 6 day delivery option is also available.
PET Recycled lanyards
Made from recycled plastic bottles! But don’t worry, they are silky smooth and very comfortable to wear.

Woven Process

Woven lanyards
Premium, hard wearing, robust lanyard, perfect for retail, outdoor or industrial working environments.Still not sure?We hope this information is helpful for you, however if you still have questions or are not sure which type of lanyard you require please give us a call on 029 2070 8702 or email