Wristbands for Events & Festivals

Fabric Wristbands for Events & Festivals

Our woven and satin ribbon fabric wristbands are the preferred choice for events and festivals in the UK. These non-transferable wristbands can be fully customized with your branding and are comfortable to wear, making them a popular souvenir. They are ideal for various events, including music festivals, university events, exhibitions, student unions, and holiday parks.

QR code / Barcode Wristbands

Barcode sliders are printed with a regular black 1D or 2D QR barcode; being read-only makes them ideal for providing important event information.  When guests scan their barcode with a phone, it could open up a website, map, VIP location, social media page, Just Giving donation page, special offers, discounts, etc. Or the barcode could be used as a ticket to log guests in. We can print the barcodes personalised to individuals or groups.

RFID Contactless Wristbands

Contactless RFID sliders are embedded with a chip that RFID scanners can read. We can supply wristbands that are compatible with most event payment systems. These wristbands allow guests to preload their accounts with credit so they don’t have to carry cash around for food, drinks, and merchandise. Real-time data on the chip shows foot traffic flows through an event, as well as access control and zone management.  Compared to traditional paper tickets, RFID wristbands can’t be replicated to eliminate ticket fraud, and if a wristband is stolen or lost, it can be easily deactivated.

Woven Wristbands

Made with up to 7 coloured threads, woven wristbands are best for simple designs and text. They are lightweight and popular at music festivals.

Satin Wristbands

Our satin wristbands are an excellent option for those who prefer a smooth finish and want to incorporate intricate designs, thanks to dye-sublimation printing. Additionally, we offer recycled polyester satin wristbands as a more eco-friendly option.

Custom Designs

We are happy to assist in producing an eye-catching wristband design that showcases your brand at no additional cost.

Suitable for Various Events

Our wristbands are ideal for events like freshers’ week, music festivals, and holiday parks. They are a sturdy and well-liked option for identifying guests and granting access to facilities and events.