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Pre-Printed Lanyards

These lanyards are already printed with generic text and are in stock and ready to be dispatched. There are lots of choices available including: Staff, Visitor, Contractor, Student, VIP, Parent, Governor, Temporary, Student & Volunteer.

All of our pre-printed lanyards are excellent quality and they come complete with a neck safety break and a sturdy clip.

What are these printed lanyards used for?

The text printed on to these lanyards is plain, simple and easy to read, their uses are specific to the phrase. STAFF lanyards are used by companies who want their employees to be easily identified by either customers or other members of staff. EVENT STAFF lanyards are worn by companies who run conferences or exhibitions regularly and need the staff to be noticed by customers. VISITOR and CONTRACTOR lanyards are very popular and used to help identity people and improve building security. We are also proud to be an approved NHS supplier and offer a range of NHS printed lanyards in their famous light blue, like these ones with a plastic clip.

All of our pre-printed lanyards are in stock and ready for Next Day UK Delivery. If you have any questions then please email us at or chat to one of our lanyard experts on 029 2070 8702.

The fast delivery alternative to personalised lanyards

Pre-printed lanyards are a cheaper alternative to personalised lanyards and include popular text phrases printed repeatedly on both sides. We have lots of text phrases to choose from such as STAFF, STUDENT, VISITOR, SECURITY etc. You can use the options below to filter the phrases that you would like to see and buy online. The text on the neck strap material is large and very clear to see and is a cost effective way to add a professional touch to a member of staff or employee. We have multiple sizes and colours available and we offer a choice of plastic J-clips and metal trigger clips to choose from, simply select the sturdiest and secure clip for your needs. All of our pre-printed lanyards also include an important black safety break, enabling the lanyard to break off if it is pulled or caught, thus protecting the wearer from injury.