Plastic Wristbands for Secure and Versatile Event Access

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Litter Free Tyvek Wristbands
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Vinyl Security Wristbands - L Shape-0
L Shape Vinyl Wristbands
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Vinyl Security Wristbands - Wide Shape-0
Wide Shape Vinyl Wristbands
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Plastic Wristbands for Events, Festivals, and More

When it comes to events and festivals, our plastic wristbands are a top choice. These wristbands are specially designed to be non-transferable, ensuring security and convenience. Plus, they can be customized with your own branding, serving as a fantastic souvenir. Comfortable to wear, they are perfect for various occasions, including music festivals, university events, exhibitions, student unions, and holiday parks.

Tyvek Wristbands

For single-use events, our Tyvek wristbands are a superb option. Crafted from high-density polyethene fibres, they possess remarkable qualities, such as being lightweight, waterproof, and tear-resistant. These wristbands guarantee durability and reliability, even in the face of challenging conditions.

Vinyl Wristbands

If you require a wristband that can withstand extended wear, our vinyl wristbands are the answer. These wristbands are exceptionally durable, ensuring longevity throughout various events. Waterproof and equipped with a one-time snap closure, they are designed to prevent transferability, providing added security for your guests.

Custom Designs

At no additional cost, we are delighted to offer our assistance in creating an eye-catching wristband design that highlights your brand. Our team is ready to collaborate with you, ensuring your wristbands make a lasting impression and effectively represent your event or organization.

Suitable for Various Events

Our wristbands are perfect for various events, including freshers’ week, music festivals, and holiday parks. With their robust construction, they are highly regarded for their ability to identify guests and grant access to facilities and exclusive events. These wristbands provide a practical and popular event management solution and enhance the overall attendee experience.