Clips & Attachments

Rigid strap clip with frosted nylon strap - Pack of 100-0
Rigid Strap – 100
£10.50 £12.60 Inc. VAT
leather luggage strap
Leather Luggage Strap
£23.30 £27.96 Inc. VAT
Self-adhesive backed rigid clip with pin - Pack of 100-0
Self-Adhesive Backed Rigid Clip
£10.70 £12.84 Inc. VAT
Plastic Luggage Loop for Tags and Holders - Pack of 100-0
Plastic Luggage Loop
£20.83 £25.00 Inc. VAT
Split ring - Pack of 100-0
Split ring – 100
£9.93 £11.92 Inc. VAT
Self-Adhesive Backed Magnetic Bar Badge Holder - Pack of 100-0
Magnetic Bar Badge Holder
£63.00 £75.60 Inc. VAT
Plastic Card Holder Rack - Holds 10 Cards
Holds 10 Plastic Card Holder Rack
£9.95 £11.94 Inc. VAT
Plastic Card Holder Rack - Holds 30 Cards
Holds 30 Plastic Card Holder Rack
£35.00 £42.00 Inc. VAT
hand held slot punch
Hand-Held Slot Punch
£68.00 £81.60 Inc. VAT
Table Top Heavy Duty Plastic Card Slot Punch-0
Table Top Plastic Card Slot Punch
£236.00 £283.20 Inc. VAT

Clips & Attachments

The Clips & Attachments category at ‘ID Cards & Accessories’ offers a wide range of products for securely attaching ID cards and badges to lanyards, clips, clothing and more. With various styles and materials, there’s an option to suit every need and preference.

For ID cards and badges, we have several locking clip options. This includes the Nylon Strap Locking Clip, Frosted Nylon Strap Locking Clip, and Reinforced Vinyl Strap Locking Clip, each providing a secure and durable hold.

If you’re searching for luggage attachments, consider our Leather Luggage Straps or our handy Plastic Luggage Loops. Both options are sold in packs of 100, providing excellent value for businesses of all sizes.

Our range of adhesive and magnetic clips, such as the Self-Adhesive Backed Rigid Clip and the Magnetic Bar Badge Holder, offer versatile solutions for various identification badges and cards.

For businesses requiring a solution to organize and display ID cards efficiently, we offer Plastic Card Holder Racks in 10-card and 30-card capacity options. These racks are perfect for easy access and quick visibility of ID cards.

We also provide slot punches, such as the Hand-Held Slot Punch and the Stapler Style Slot Punch with Hole Position Guide, to easily attach cards to holders, clips, or lanyards. For heavy-duty requirements, consider our Table Top Plastic Card Slot Punch.

At ID Cards & Accessories, we aim to offer comprehensive solutions for all your ID card needs, from printer ribbons to attachment devices. Browse our selection to find the perfect clips and attachments for your business.