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Festival Lanyards & ID

Festival Lanyards & ID

We stock a range of festival security and identification products designed to provide a fun way for festival goers to access your event. These products help with crowd control and security plus make a unique souvenir to hold onto as a keepsake. We offer free artwork across the range, and make ordering a simple process. We can also come up with an eye-catching, striking layout free of charge, or you can supply your design to us with print ready artwork file.

Every festival / event company has different needs and requirements when it comes to buying festival ID, so we offer a wide variety of styles and options for you to take advantage of. We appreciate that sometimes it’s easier to talk through or email project details first, so we are here to help, our experienced team will listen to your needs. Please give us a call on 029 2070 8702 or drop an email to

Festival wristbands, lanyards & passes for any event

We have an amazing range of wristbands, lanyards & security products for any festival or event. You can see some of those products below. We understand that purchasing can be daunting so please contact us if you would prefer to talk to an actual person to discuss what you need.

If you would like more information about our festival wristbands, click here to check them out.

You’ve come to the right place because we offer full colour customised silky festival neck lanyards that are sure to make your brand stand out and be noticed. These are mostly used by festival staff, but often we also produce with attachments such as a bottle opener to be sold on the day.

Quality of print is the most important thing of all when you’re choosing a printed lanyard for your festival. Our lanyards look the part and are able to display your festival name and logo brightly and clearly. They remain durable and easy to keep in good condition to be reused year after year.

It doesn’t matter whether our lanyards get wet or the weather is extremely hot, you won’t have to worry about the dyes used to create your festival lanyards causing you problems. They’re designed and created with that in mind, so you’ll be able to rely on them at all times. The overall finish of the printing will also be incredibly smooth and comfortable to wear.

Attracting attention is obviously a big deal when it comes to festival lanyards. Our colour printed lanyards are ideal for drawing attention and catching the eye. It’s vital to keep things crisp and crystal clear, using your branding we will design you a beautiful lanyard.

The ribbon on a festival lanyard is generally very colourful with a silky feel with a colourful design. We offer plenty of different clips, rings and fittings to dangle an ID pass, but this could also be something more commercial such as a bottle opener or lip salve! Whatever the need we fully understand the importance of working alongside our festival customers when they have particular needs that have to be fulfilled.

We offer fabric and paper Tyvek wristbands, both are non-transferable, and are extremely popular to give to festival goers as proof of entry. The fabric wristbands look great are often worn after the event to other festivals then cut off and kept as a souvenir.

Passes provide visible security for everyone involved in the organisation of an event such as, AAA, Press, Traders, Crew, Backstage, Special Guest, Staff. Depending on if your event is indoor or out, using your branding we can provide a security pass to suit, we can also personalise with a name or photograph. This dangles from a lanyard to provide instant ID and verification.

This largely depends on the type of event. For a single day general access perhaps the paper Tyvek may be suitable.  This cheaper option does not tear and is tamper proof so needs to be cut off, it can be printed with the festival name and date and are also great for lost child festival passes or staff, band stage, crew access.  For longer festivals then fabric wristbands are often better. They are colourful and very durable, they come with a tamperproof barrel lock, easy to put on and need to be cut off. It is common for fabric festival wristbands to be collected and worn all summer!

Festival event passes are great for identifying staff and crew working at the festival as well as VIPs. They are designed with your branding and contain a hole at the top to clip onto a lanyard. We make using a material compatible with the event, for example if your event is indoor we may suggest a laminated card, if outdoor a plastic card, we have many eco options to. We can also personalise with a QR code, name and even photo!