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Personalised Lanyards

Your brand, your way. We can print or design your personalised lanyard according to your needs.

Personalised Lanyard Printing UK

Lanyards are essential accessories for every professional or student. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be customised to suit your style.

The lanyard has become a business fashion accessory over time. Whether to show off your brand, or a bit of your own personality. There are many ways to personalise them for a company, from adding your company logo to having your slogan printed on them, you can add value to your business with these accessories.

There are many types of custom lanyards out there, from simple ones to those that include additional features such as pockets and pouches. These days, lanyards are also being designed to fit specific purposes. For example, some are meant to be worn around the neck, while others are intended to be attached to keychains.

We use a range of different styles and materials for our lanyards which are really down to the design (polyester or silk), the durability (woven or nylon), and sustainability (bamboo or recycled) you are looking for.

We also have multiple clip options from plastic to metal and triggers i.e. crocodile clip or lobster clip. Or for those with more specific requirements we have retractable lanyards that use badge reels to help extend your security card or door key fob.

Here at ID Cards & Accesories, we have a wide range of personalised lanyards for you to choose from. Some of the features that are included in our customised lanyards are:

  • Range of materials, selection of colours and varying sizes for you to choose from.
  • Graphics with a high-quality definition.
  • Ability to customise.
  • Single or double-sided printing or woven by thread.
What’s the purpose of a neck lanyard?

Lanyards are heavily used in several businesses and workplaces, usually for different reasons. Some of the reasons lanyards are used could include:

  • ID badge holders and access management
  • Easy tool for logins
  • Organise items
  • Brand awareness/Promotional Products

Ultimately, personalised lanyards are used to make a person’s life easier when it comes to keeping important items safe such as ID badges and their card holders. They are also used to identify people easier in the workplace. Here are types of lanyards that are useful for this:

Custom Festival Lanyards:

These are vital when working at a festival as it is vital that you always have a form of ID on hand for health and safety reasons. Also, these help employees stand out from the large crowds that festivals bring. Some events even use double clip lanyards so that ID’s always face forward.

Teacher Lanyards:

Higher education teachers find branded neck straps and custom neck straps extremely useful when trying to differentiate the staff from the learners. This is also where visitor lanyards come in handy, as a variety of colours can be found on a school site and will separate teachers from other adults.

NHS lanyards:

Personalised lanyards are used in the NHS because they are an affordable and convenient way for all health workers to identify each other. Especially in high-pressure environments like the NHS, it is vital to always have identification ready. Ours meet current guidelines set out be NHS England.

Range of Lanyards, Coloured Lanyards, Lanyard Clips & more.

Why Choose Our Personalised Lanyards?

Competitive Pricing And Value

The value of our personalised lanyards are guaranteed to match up with the cost. We offer high-quality neck lanyards of all varieties for affordable prices.

Manufactured In UK

For over 27 years, and a wealth of experience, we have been providing the UK with our premium personalised lanyards. You can rely on us as we are the longest established company within the lanyard industry.

Order With Ease

With our website, online ordering has never been easier. You can get your ID cards, and badge holders from us as well. We also offer fast delivery times and a quick turnaround time.

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Personalised Lanyard FAQ's

Our custom-printed, quality lanyards are useful for businesses and workplaces that require photo identification on hand.

Originally, the word “lanyard” became the English interpretation of the French word “laniere” which means strap in English. Previously, lanyards were more basic and made out of rope. 

In recent years, lanyards have become a very popular accessory for both men and women. The trend has been driven by their versatility and affordability. They can be worn around the neck, attached to bags, pockets, or even hats.

They are now widely recognised as a symbol of professionalism and corporate identity. Companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft have all introduced their own customisable lanyards.

A lanyard is typically used to attach important identification such as ID badges, keys, phones and many more items. 


Lanyards are useful accessories for conferences and events. They come in various shapes and sizes, from plain ones to those with special designs. Some even feature personalisation options such as engraving, printing and laser cutting.

Personalised lanyards are a great way to promote your brand and attract attention. If you run a company or organization, customising them makes sense. Otherwise, they can also be a good promotional tool for individual employees.

To wear a lanyard, all you need to do is place it around your neck and it will stay perfectly secure. The only potential issue is if your skin reacts to eg a flat polyester lanyard you may want to switch to a more natural fabric like bamboo.