Want to print your own Staff ID Cards?

Printing your own staff ID cards has never been easier!

If you want to speed up the process even more of getting your staff ID cards to your employees, have you ever thought about printing them yourself?

Printing your own staff ID cards couldn’t be simpler (if you have the tools to do it of course!)

There are loads of ID card printers out there and various different printing methods and additional card options like security chips, UV printing and holograms.Its enough to make your brain melt due to all of the different options and variables.

We have done all of the hard work for you and offer complete ID card production kits which include everything you need to print your own staff ID cards from the comfort of your own office chair. Packages are suited to your needs and budget.

We have put together these packages to include everything you need to get up and running, including – simple easy to use CardStudio ID card printing software, a webcam to take photos of those happy faces, a Zebra ID card printer and  some blank cards. We can also supply you with lanyards and ID card holders if you want them too.

You don’t need to have any software experience with CardStudio so you can be printing cards in minutes.

Packages are suited to requirements of up to 15000 cards per year, if your requirements are for less than 4000 cards per year and you need a single sided card only then the budget ZXP11 range is just perfect for you, otherwise the impressive ZXP3 series range will cater for higher volumes.

Protecting Your Staff ID Cards from Fraud

Adding a security feature onto your Staff ID Cards will go some way to help prevent the cost and stress associated with theft.

Unfortunately it’s all too easy to create an ID card, You Tube is full of videos demonstrating how to quickly create a genuine looking ID card making it easy for criminals to educate themselves. They then attempt to copy staff ID cards in order to gain access into buildings to commit crime, usually theft of equipment, data or staff possessions.

Here ID Cards and Accessories we always try to be one step ahead so offer a range of easy to adopt security features which can be easily applied to staff ID cards to help prevent counterfeiting and tampering, subsequently protecting your business, staff and customers.

Easy to adopt staff ID card security features

Company Logo:

Get your company logo pre-printed onto base stock. The print quality compared to if it was applied using a card printer is superior so you will be able to spot any dodgy copied cards.


Apply staff photos to your cards, that way identity can be visually verified.


Included with all Magicard printers, HoloKote® is patented technology that frosts a secure watermark such as your company logo to the card’s surface during printing. It’s subtle so will not obscure personalised data, obvious at an angle cards and effective because it make cards difficult to alter or copy.


Some Datacard and Smart printers offer a laminate. This is a clear polyester film applied onto the surface of the card using heat and pressure. This acts are a barrier, prolonging the life and protecting the card data from fraudulent tampering.


Holograms are a cost effective way to add security and are difficult to copy. They can be cut to your logo shape and are visible from a distance so easy for door security to spot. Applied at the same time as base stock printing and only on a few pence per card.

Holographic card printer ribbons are also available to purchase with Zebra, Evolis and Smart printers. These are applied to cards in a batch after you personalise and are generic stock images.

Barcodes and 2D QR Codes:

Print on a barcode or QR code either onto base stock or when personalising and link to a photo stored online for further verification.

Other things to consider for your staff ID cards

Ensure your card printing equipment is locked away, this includes all printer ribbon and base stock cards.

• Restrict Access to Your ID Card Printing Software. Limiting access to a few trusted and employees with their own passwords ensures that ID card printing and issuance are tightly controlled.

• Audit Printed Cards. If using card printing software you should be able to report on who printed cards, who for and when.

If you require assistance on the best security features for your staff ID cards please contact us on 029 2070 8702.

Persuading Staff to Wear ID Cards

Creating ID cards for staff to wear makes sense; to not only maintain professionalism but to ensure better security for both staff and visitors to your building. Trying to enforce this may prove tricky, however spending time explaining the benefits with reminders will help so that eventually wearing their ID card to work will become familiar and the norm.

Visual ID for Staff

The most popular method is to display a staff ID card is inside a card holder attached to a lanyard that can be printed with your company logo to further increase security and brand awareness. A lanyard also is a comfortable way to display ID which is important to ensure staff wear it.  In some working environments such as hospitals and factories the ID is better attached by a clip or retractable badge reel.

The ID card will clearly display each member of staffs photograph and job title eliminating confusion by providing clear visual identification. Visual identification is particularly important for an organisation dealing with the public such as a Council or Government body, or a company in a building with lots of other businesses.

Perhaps you also use an access control system, so consider purchasing a double sided card holder to save cards getting lost or damaged whilst making it easy to access.


The ID card ensures your staff can establish who is who and encourages a stop and challenge approach with anyone acting suspiciously. Ensure they fully understand this and that the new ID card is aimed to keep them safe whilst at work.  If you have a security guard it also makes it much easier for them to see at a glance who is genuine and not.


You may find that the novelty of wearing ID may wears off after a while and staff will forget to wear it. So it is important to keep reminding them of the importance of wearing the new card.


Allow time for the new ID card policy to settle in. After the adjustment period, explain to non-compliant employees that you’ll give them a certain number of warnings before resorting to disciplinary procedures. If anyone resists communicate and find out the reason, it could be they have a phobia about wearing a lanyard round their neck in which case you can offer an alternative.

Printing Staff ID Cards

If you would like to invest in the kit to print your own staff ID card then various ID card printing kits are available. Click here to view the range.

We operate a card printing bureau service as so can print your photo staff ID cards for you from as little as £1.75 each including postage! Click here for more information or to order.

Ordering Staff ID Cards Online is Easy

We have now made it even easier to order your Staff ID Cards online.

With our step by step video guide we think that ordering your Staff ID cards online at ID Cards & Accessories couldn’t be simpler.

Our video will tell you all you need to  know about what files to send us, what you can expect from the ordering process, and when your Staff ID cards will be with you.

Please view our video on the Staff ID Cards products pages, or view it here now…

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