Staff ID Cards

Persuading Staff to Wear ID Cards

Creating ID cards for staff to wear makes sense; to not only maintain professionalism but to ensure better security for both staff and visitors to your building. Trying to enforce this may prove tricky, however spending time explaining the benefits with reminders will help so that eventually wearing their ID card to work will become familiar and the norm.

Visual ID for Staff

The most popular method is to display a staff ID card is inside a card holder attached to a lanyard that can be printed with your company logo to further increase security and brand awareness. A lanyard also is a comfortable way to display ID which is important to ensure staff wear it.  In some working environments such as hospitals and factories the ID is better attached by a clip or retractable badge reel.

The ID card will clearly display each member of staffs photograph and job title eliminating confusion by providing clear visual identification. Visual identification is particularly important for an organisation dealing with the public such as a Council or Government body, or a company in a building with lots of other businesses.

Perhaps you also use an access control system, so consider purchasing a double sided card holder to save cards getting lost or damaged whilst making it easy to access.


The ID card ensures your staff can establish who is who and encourages a stop and challenge approach with anyone acting suspiciously. Ensure they fully understand this and that the new ID card is aimed to keep them safe whilst at work.  If you have a security guard it also makes it much easier for them to see at a glance who is genuine and not.


You may find that the novelty of wearing ID may wears off after a while and staff will forget to wear it. So it is important to keep reminding them of the importance of wearing the new card.


Allow time for the new ID card policy to settle in. After the adjustment period, explain to non-compliant employees that you’ll give them a certain number of warnings before resorting to disciplinary procedures. If anyone resists communicate and find out the reason, it could be they have a phobia about wearing a lanyard round their neck in which case you can offer an alternative.

Printing Staff ID Cards

If you would like to invest in the kit to print your own staff ID card then various ID card printing kits are available. Click here to view the range.

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