New Website Features for ID Cards & Accessories

ID Cards & Accessories has had some updates

Back in 2009 when we launched idcardsandaccessories we set a goal to become one of the UK’s largest online suppliers of ID security products. Now 8 years later we’re delighted to report that we have accomplished that goal, so a huge thanks for helping make our dreams come true!

Due to our growing customer base and the need to implement new features we decided at the beginning of 2017 to further invest in our website and since then have been very busy migrating onto a new platform and giving it a nice new facelift.

Our aim was provide our customers with an easier and faster way to order, to improve navigation of our growing product range and to make special offers more visible.  We have also collected an almost unblemished number of Feefo genuine product and service reviews so wanted to display them clearer each page.

So this is what we have accomplished as well as ensuring better integration with mobile devices making it much easier to order when on the move.

Drum roll……

We are very pleased to announce that it is live! So please take a look, we hope you enjoy using it as much as we do and please contact us with any feedback we’ve love to hear what you think.

Note: We were unfortunately unable to migrate existing usernames, passwords or order history so your existing login will not work so next time you order please can you register again. We still have a record of your previous order so please do not hesitate to contact us should you need help.