Print your own photo ID cards with a plastic card printing kit

Printing your own photo ID cards is easy!

If you have ever thought about printing your own photo ID cards, or even membership cards or loyalty cards where this is no photo, owning your own ID card printing kit is the solution for you.

An ID card printing kit is perfect if you want to speed up the process of getting your staff ID cards to your employees. No need to place any orders or wait for deliveries – simply print them yourself!

Printing your own staff ID cards couldn’t be simpler (if you have the tools to do it of course!)

There are loads of ID card printers out there and various different printing methods and additional card options like security chips, UV printing and holograms.Its enough to make your brain melt due to all of the different options and variables.

We have done all of the hard work for you and offer complete ID card production kits which include everything you need to print your own staff ID cards from the comfort of your own office chair. Packages are suited to your needs and budget.

We have put together these ID card production kits to include everything you need to get up and running… simple easy to use CardStudio or EasyBadge ID card printing software, a webcam to take photos of those happy faces, a Smart or Zebra ID card printer and some blank cards to get you started. We can also supply you with lanyards and ID card holders if you want them too.

You don’t need to have any software experience with CardStudio or EasyBadge so you can be printing cards in minutes.

EasyBadge ID Cards Printing Package

Lanyards for your Event

Got your lanyards sorted?

If you are planning an event or exhibition in the near future or even have a customer who is planning a festival, have you remembered lanyards for your attendees?

Printed Lanyards

If you have ever planned an event, you know what a nightmare it is to keep track of everybody – staff and customers! Ensuring you have everything and everybody in the right place is vital if you want your event to go smoothly – Lanyards are here to help!

If you have ever been to an events, such as a conference or exhibition, it is common for attendees to be given a lanyard when they enter. Attached to your lanyard is usually a badge that has your name, job title, company etc.

So not only are lanyards there to easily identify different people, but also help to ensure that people are where they’re supposed to be. If you are at a busy event you can see quickly whether someone is a delegate, exhibitor, staff member etc.

All of our lanyards are fully customisable in terms of colour and artwork and we can also offer pre-printed stock lanyards with wording such as ‘CONTRACTOR’, ‘STAFF’, ‘STUDENT’ etc.

We also offer different clip attachments which you can choose, ID badge holders and even mobile phone clips so you won’t miss those important calls when you are talking to exhibitors.

Our custom lanyards can include you and your event sponsors’ logos.  With each person at your event wearing a lanyard, you could potentially have thousands of people sharing your brand and/or it’s message – even better if the lanyards can be taken away after the event and reused.

Ordering your lanyards online with us is easy…

1) Enter the quantity you need

2) Select the size and type of print you want

3) Select which clip you would like

4) Add to basket and Checkout

Take a look at our printed lanyards page to see the selection on offer and personalise the perfect lanyards for your next event.

Top Tips for Securing your Staff ID Cards

Adding a security feature onto your staff ID cards will help you to prevent the cost and stress associated with theft.

Unfortunately it’s all too easy to create an ID card. You can find loads of videos demonstrating how to quickly create a genuine looking ID card on YouTube, making it easy for criminals to educate themselves. They then attempt to copy staff ID cards in order to gain access into buildings to commit crime, usually theft of equipment, data or staff possessions.

Here at ID Cards and Accessories we always try to be one step ahead. We offer a range of easy to adopt security features which can be easily applied to employee ID cards to help prevent counterfeiting and tampering, subsequently protecting your business, staff and customers.

Easy to adopt security features for your staff ID cards

Company Logo:

Get your company logo pre-printed onto your base cards. The print quality compared to if it was applied using a card printer is superior so you will be able to spot any dodgy copied cards.


Apply staff photos to your cards, that way identity can be visually verified.


Included with all Magicard printers, HoloKote® is patented technology that frosts a secure watermark such as your company logo to the card’s surface during printing. It’s subtle so will not obscure personalised data, obvious at an angle cards and effective because it make cards difficult to alter or copy.


Some Datacard and Smart printers offer a laminate. This is a clear polyester film applied onto the surface of the card using heat and pressure. This acts are a barrier, prolonging the life and protecting the card data from fraudulent tampering.


Holograms are a cost effective way to add security and are difficult to copy. They can be cut to your logo shape and are visible from a distance so easy for door security to spot. Applied at the same time as base stock printing and only on a few pence per card.

Holographic card printer ribbons are also available to purchase with Zebra, Evolis and Smart printers. These are applied to cards in a batch after you personalise and are generic stock images.

Barcodes and 2D QR Codes:

Print on a barcode or QR code either onto base stock or when personalising and link to a photo stored online for further verification.

Other things to consider for your employee ID cards

Ensure your card printing equipment is locked away, this includes all printer ribbons and base stock cards.

• Restrict Access to your ID card printing software. Limiting access to a few trusted and employees with their own passwords ensures that ID card printing and issuance are tightly controlled.

• Audit Printed Cards. If you are using card printing software you should be able to report on who printed cards, who for and when.

If you require assistance on the best security features for your staff ID cards please contact us on 029 2070 8702.

If you are a school, college or university then check out our sister website ‘The School Print Shop‘ and talk to our education security specialists.