Is the Easybadge App as easy as it claims?

We’ve been getting feedback from our customers who are using Easybadge to find out how the App is working for them.

It’s a relatively new product so we also wanted to find out if our customers love it as much as we do. We were particularly interested to speak to those with staff in multiple locations.

In the past capturing an ID photo and data on location meant carrying a laptop and webcam around… it’s a real pain to set up equipment each time.

The introduction of the Easybadge App takes this hassle away. Simply download the Easybadge App from the App Store onto an iPhone or Android tablet and away you go!

The app accesses the devices camera, enables you to type the staff details ,then syncs with the main database.

Feedback has been very positive, conversations have revolved around the ease and speed at which data can be captured which in turn takes the hassle out of issuing photo ID cards to staff scattered around different offices.

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