EasyBadge ID Card Printing Review

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just launched EasyBadge in our online shop.  For some time we’ve been looking for a modern ID card printing system compatible with mobile technology for our customers who want to easily collect data to then print plastic ID cards.

It’s a neat kit with everything you need bundled into a box ready to plug in and play.  The software App is a real bonus, compatible with all android tables & phones as well as the iPhone. It allow photos and data to be captured anywhere. We have a number of Council customers who currently take a laptop on location to collect data, this will be a lot less hassle for them.

It’s not aimed at high end card production and we hope one day a kit is launched for those users but if you are planning to print under 100 cards per month then put this high on your list. Compared to other similar kits this does cost a little more but the ease of set up, the App and added advantage of built in support make it a worthwhile investment.

The software comes in 3 versions – supplied with the kit is ‘Lite’ for under 100 records. You can upgrade to ‘Professional’ for over 100 records and ‘Enterprise’ if you need to encode a smart card. It’s compatible with all brands of printer so if you need to issue more than 100 cards per month you could pair it with a Smart 51 Printer and purchase the other consumables separately.

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